Q&A: Dallas doctor discusses COVID variants, case numbers trending up

The Promise – Workplace Health & Safety Policy

A Health & Safety (H&S) policy is a written promise of the Business Owners and the Senior Management to provide a healthy and safe workplace. The starting point, the foundation of Health and Safety in the workplace.

Good Personal Hygiene Difficulties in Space: How Do Astronauts Bathe in Space?

For us, it is something common, something that we sometimes do automatically without stopping to think about everything that implies and must work correctly so that actions such as showering or using the toilet is something every day. But this becomes more challenging when these tasks are taken to space. Surely we have ever stopped to think about what life will be like in space, regarding the tasks we carry out daily such as visiting the toilet or taking a shower as part of our daily ritual.

Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Spring is here, and many people are beginning the process of cleaning projects around the house. Some may even be doing internal cleaning with a colon and liver cleanse. Although there are definitely huge benefits for cleaning up your physical environment, there are even greater benefits to cleaning up your mind. You don’t have to spend 5 minutes watching the news to see all of the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are prevalent in our world, and sometimes we feel overwhelmed and incapable of making a difference or changing things. But I assure you, we can.

Disney: To Stay On-Resort or Not

An article to help you decide which is better: on-resort or off-resort for your Disney World Vacation! You tell us which you think is the best option!

Extra Magic Hours

We will discuss what Extra Magic Hours are and how to use them. This strategy should assist you with maximizing your time in the parks at Disney World.

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