‘Reliving’ 2020 in 2022: Texas restaurants call for more grants

Sales Tip Five

One of the greatest life skill tips, I have ever seen, is to apply the rulle of five. This simple daily commitment, to carry out an additional five activities, when you feel that you want to give up. This simple rule, has supported me to dramatically improve my sales perfromance and results.

Why Salespeople Fail in Complex Sales

Salespeople can face one or more of twelve problems associated with selling in a complex sales environment. Dealing with multiple stakeholders directly and indirectly in the decision process, over an extended period creates long selling/buying cycles. This can impact on the service provider’s revenues, cashflow and place additional pressure on salespeople. The article lists the twelve problems and has suggestions of what to do.

Manifestation: Can Childhood Trauma Make It Hard For Someone To Manifest What They Want?

If someone is into self-development, they will have probably heard of the Law of attraction. However, even if someone is not into self-development, there is still the chance that they have heard of it.

Critical Thinking: Why Is It So Easy For The Mainstream Media To Divide People?

One way to look at the current age would be to say that it is the age of division, due to how fractured so many countries have become. In the not-so-distant past, countries were primarily fighting each other and now, some people within countries are fighting each other.

Beware Of Leaders Who Resort To BLAME!

Have you, ever, noticed, how few individuals, seem willing to assume personal responsibility for their behaviors, and/ or, actions? When, it comes to those, holding a position, of public trust, and serving as a public official, shouldn’t it be, a minimum requirement, they assume personal responsibility, for their behavior, and actions, and those, of those, who they appoint, to represent them? Instead, we have repeatedly, witnessed, these past four years, this President, refusing to proclaim personal responsibility/ blame for nearly, anything, while resorting, regularly, to using, BLAME, as an apparent, political weapon, to shield himself, and, perhaps, distort his position, and the…

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