Report: Child was driving truck in deadly West Texas crash involving college golf team

God’s Anger and The Fires of Hell

Every news report of recent months shows the effect of terrorism and war, especially on areas under Muslim control. While those of that faith pray repeatedly to Allah they are under attack. Many have or are in the process of fleeing their homes and of those huge numbers drown at sea or end up in concentration camps, such as those on Nauru, or in no man’s land in foreign countries, such as the Rohingya of Burma.

Does Sex Get Better As We Get Older?

I’m sure many of us remember our first clumsy attempts at making love – no doubt an awkward, embarrassed attempt to translate lust into something rather more pleasurable. But we persevered, possibly becoming career-focused, parents or too stressed to give our love-making the attention it warranted. Does sex need to wait till we get older to receive the time and attention it deserves?

What Is Repetition Compulsion?

At the beginning of the year I spoke about a time in my life when I was speaking to Vijay Rana, an integral therapist, about projection. This article was titled,’ “There Is A Reason Why We Project Our Issues Onto Others!”

Primeval Galaxies Trip The Light Fantastic Around The Milky Way

Our starlit spiral Milky Way Galaxy is very ancient. In fact, it is almost as old as the visible Universe itself. The most recent estimates indicate that our Galaxy is 13.51 billion years old–an elegant and majestic primeval pinwheel whirling in the vastness of Spacetime. The galaxies that perform a twirling dance throughout the Cosmos were born in very ancient times, and their stars began to light up the primordial Universe less than a billion years after its Big Bang birth almost 14 billion years ago. In August 2018, a team of international astronomers released their new findings demonstrating that some of the faintest satellite galaxies orbiting our own Milky Way are among the very first to be born in the Universe. With the birth of the first galaxies, the Universe lit up like a candle flame, bringing an end to what is called the “Cosmic Dark Ages” when it was an expanse of incredible and unimaginable blackness.

Five Causes of Numb Penis and How to Regain Sensation

A numb penis can range from the result of a long lover’s weekend to a serious medical issue. No matter what that cause, loss of penile sensation is daunting for men. Here are a few of the leading causes of numbness and how to regain sensation.

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