Report finds average cost of child care in Travis Co. nearly three times more than recommended

Choosing Personal Lighting for Construction Safety

Many construction crews work in very low light areas, whether they are without electricity in an area, it’s nighttime or they are underground or under something. Proper lighting is critical for any construction or building site. Good lighting helps the crew member to be more precise in their work, therefore improving productivity and keeping the project on time.

Health and Wellness With A Disability

People who have become disabled whether by an accident or some other factor will be facing a new normal. How do they remain healthy?

He Who Has Ears Let Them Hear

We must learn to listen and trust our inner guidance.There is a strong spiritual reason why our creator blessed us with two of them. Our lives will improve if we listen more and spoke less.

You And Your Healthy Heart

Keeping your heart healthy has many benefits. Here are some tips to prevent heart attacks and stroke from happening to you.

What Letting Go Means to Adult Children

This article discusses why letting go is the prerequisite to any twelve-step program. It also examines what it means to adult children and why it can be a multi-faceted process for them.

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