Republican State Rep. John Cyrier from Lockhart is not seeking re-election

Virginia Extends Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Covid-19

Covid is a problem in Virginia. Now Workers Compensation covers health care workers and first responders.

Tempted or Tested?

A simple solution to a long-standing issue among Jesus people. Is testing the same as tempting, and who does it?

Life’s Little Pleasures – Denied

Welcome to the new economy. After Covid where are we?

Why Silver Jewellery Is Much Better For Buying Than Gold From Online Shop!

Next only to Gold when it involves being malleable or ductile, Silver is that the third most expensive metal for jewellery making. So when it involves buying jewellery, customers seem to possess a transparent winner between Gold and Silver Jewellery online. Hence this jewellery competition is usually won by the Silver.

How To Improve Your Customer Database

For direct marketing to work most effectively, use different channels, and craft clear, personalized, physical content. If you plan your direct marketing campaigns using these five tips, you will find an immediate improvement in the information your database provides as well as how much engagement you experience.

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