Research: 108 more APD patrol officers needed to achieve target response time

How To Be Spiritually Strong Against The Devil’s Attacks

Why are you fearful? You can be spiritually strong in the Lord! The Word of God is the power in you, to stand and defeat the schemes of the devil. Learn to see with your spiritual eyes! Here are key truths that will help you put on the whole armor of God. He equips you for spiritual battle. What can you do? How do you get started? Defend yourself starting with this teaching article.

Christian Separation and Divorce: My Story

Separation and divorce were not in my vocabulary. I was a Christian with strong morals and values. I wanted a good marriage, better than that of my own parents. But he left me and I could either give up and become depressed, or learn to function. Thankfully, God never left me. He helped me out of many terrifying situations. I’ve put my sotry into a memoir. Here is a bit about my story.

You Have Benefits And Favor Because You Belong To Jesus

Jesus wants to change your situation and turn it around for your good and His glory! Jesus wants you coming back for more! There are those so hungry, so desperate for His presence. Is this you? You have benefits and favor because you belong to Jesus! Now is the time to call out to Jesus and be free from the struggles and claim your benefits. Yes! This article is the teaching you need today!

How Do You Write A Good Brand Story

Your unique story of your brand is weaved through out everything you do. It tells your values, your past, present and future, and it makes you stand out from the rest in a compelling, relevant and useful manner. Doing so will increase your ROI exponentially.

Importance Of Cyber Security For Companies

If you manage a computer network for your business, you should be familiar with the term cyber security. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of cyber security. The information given in this article will help you secure your computer systems against online threats.

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