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What Are Your GOALS, Of Becoming A Leader?

Why do some people decide, they want to become a leader, while the vast majority of stakeholders, and constituents, of most organizations, prefer, merely being a member, etc? Is the main motivation, ego, personal/ political agenda, self – interest, or an often – false, sense of their abilities, and preparedness, or, because of the quality, inspiring, motivating, GOALS, one possesses, and drives him, to serve the needs of others, and represent the organization, and constituents, in a well – considered, relevant, sustainable manner? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly discuss, examine, consider, and review, using the mnemonic approach,…

Dangers Of Ill – Prepared Public Leaders: Precedents And Ramifications

Having observed, voted in, and worked in political campaigns, for over a half century, I have watched, and listened, as individuals, seemingly, haphazardly, cast their ballots, or abstained, entirely, from voting, often, declaring, their vote, didn’t make any difference, or it was, merely, a choice between 2 evils, etc, rather than taking, what I consider, their civic responsibility, and fully examining, not merely the empty rhetoric and campaign promises, but, delving deeply into qualifications, strategies, preparedness, willingness to unify (rather than polarize), etc. However, in the end – result, perhaps, the two most significant dangers, from electing the wrong individual,…

Reduce Guilt Today Using 3 Top Strategies

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Timely Tips for a Grounding, Refreshing and Energizing Morning Ritual

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