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Unleashing Faith In Business

Faith and business are not separate. Your faith is a important factor to your business success. As a entrepreneur things may not always be easy, but faith can give you the power to overcome any challenges, and succeed in a way that “blows your mind!”

Your Life Story Matters

You have a powerful story that can transform the lives of others. And your story matters. You might be surprised at how sharing your life story can catapult your success, and make a difference in the lives of others. And never think that your life story doesn’t matter, because it does!

Critical Thinking: Should Everyone Be Able To Vote?

Ever since it became clear that the United Kingdom would withdraw from the European Union, a lot of people have said that not everyone should be able to vote. Unsurprisingly, this is a viewpoint that appears to be primarily held by the people who wanted the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union.

Don’t Skip Over Chapters Of Your Life When It’s Painful, Since It’s All Part Of Your Life’s Story

Avoiding painful moments in life can cause suffering later when the pain resurfaces. I realise it’s difficult to face pain, especially when it arises unexpectedly. However, to avoid dealing with it means it is likely to come back at a greater intensity. Is this something you can relate to? Have you put off dealing with painful experiences and have them resurface later on? Perhaps it was a relationship breakup or the death of a loved one? Irrespective of the situation, many of us stow away the pain because we don’t want to deal with it. Let’s be real: pain and suffering is not pleasant.

Why Catholic Priests Are Celibate

Followers of the Catholic Religion accept its culture as many do so without question. They worship before its idols, confess their sins to priests, and do as the religion dictates, all in expectation of being worthy of an eternal life in heaven. This is so grounded into them that to question any part of the establishment is to risk everything.

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