RRISD board places Superintendent Azaiez on leave

Rape, Rape Everywhere

Rape is simply having a carnal knowledge of a female without her consent. And for the under aged, you don’t go near them at all because they are not even up to the age of giving consent. I support capital punishment for rape, especially raping the under aged. Just look at the monumental health and emotional damage done to these little innocent girls. Look at the destruction to the systems and organs. Some will never be totally heal again. Some will be in pain; leaking, stinking the rest of their life because of this damage. No, they don’t deserve that. The government, with the help of civil societies and everybody must tackle this menace now. But again how will you check the sexual attacks that are going on daily in our homes? Yes, most of these go on there. More men are today raping their house helps, relations and even their wives’ relations. Tell me. Investigate this and more than half of our homes and marriages will go down. Sure! It is as bad as that.

Why Most People Don’t Like A BULLY?

One of the essential realities, for most people, is they don’t like a BULLY, for a wide – variety, of reasons! Whether, one supports, and/ or, opposes, President Trump, and his ideas, approaches, etc, any objective observer, based on his history of rhetoric/ vitriol, finger – pointing, blaming and complaining, and, manner/ manners, and, especially, after his recent debate performance, would have to agree, Mr. Trump, is, either, a bully, or acts, like one!

Reopening Too Soon: Not Only Foolish, But Dangerous!: 5 Reasons

President Trump, has often, urged many Governors, to reopen state’s economies, and schools, by certain deadlines, instead of, effectively listening, and following the advice, of public health experts, and scientists, etc! He has appealed to his core supporters, by, minimizing the impact and severity/ risk, of the pandemic, and, seeming to imply, whether one complies, by assuming social responsibility, social spacing, and wearing a mask, is personal choice. In turn, a large number of these individuals, equate any public health measures, which may limit, their so – called, freedoms, as illegal, and wrong!

4 Key Reasons, Trump’s Blaming California, For Fires, Lacks Merit Or Understanding

Record – setting, floods, ice melting at Earth’s poles, damaging hurricanes, and our West Coast forests, on – fire, etc, may be coincidence, or, indicative of significant warning signs of Climate Change! However, President Donald Trump, often, minimizes the potential harm from what was formerly, referred to, as, Global Warming, even, proclaiming, his removing this nation, from the Paris Accords, was a great accomplishment, and beneficial, to the United States. With much of the West Coast (Washington, Oregon, and California), have been experiencing horrific fires, for quite some period, and, rather, than sending help from the Federal Government, Trump has…

Are You Managing Well on Less?

During these past few months many of us have had to manage on less income, some on substantially less. Yet whilst we may have been earning less we may have also found that we’re spending less due to reduced opportunities to get out and spend So, how has it been for you; are you managing well on less or are you anticipating vulnerable times ahead?

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