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Your Self-Talk And Mental Picture Determines The Level Of Dedication To Your Actions

What is the predominant self-talk that takes place in your mind? Is it affirmative or a disempowering voice that tries to convince you the world is a dark and scary place? It’s easy to get pulled into this narrative because the voices are real and so we conclude they must be true. Or are they? I often use an exercise in seminars where I ask participants to tell me what they will think next. I explain, if they identify with their thoughts, surely they must know what their next thought will be. Unless there are psychics in the audience, rarely do people know what their next thought will be until it occurs. The point is: thoughts come and go from our minds and unless we give them meaning, they have little power in and of themselves.

SEO: A Guide to Developing Content for SEO

If you are not that familiar with the world of search engine marketing, you need to learn more about “SEO content” writing. In fact, no one can deny the importance of search engine optimized writing as far as content writing is concerned. Let’s find out what SEO content refers and how you can blog posts and articles for search engine optimization.

It’s Your Performance Review – Own It!

Creating effective performance reviews is factual, not the place for “fluff”. For you and your boss to be pleased with the results takes work and time. The advantage is that you both benefit from the results. They have selected positive information to include in their report to upper management and you have submitted data specifically tied to potential monetary compensation and/or negotiated benefits for the coming year.

Kitty On The Outside Or A Tree Frog On The Inside

I thought, which is a dangerous activity for me, that I had pulled one over on the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. It is a rare occasion when I actually do something like this. At my age, I assume I could get away with something. I guess I am just not old enough. Several weeks ago, I happened to look out the back window and saw a kitty walking across our back yard. A little idea sneaked into my head. Maybe I could get some kitty treats and feed the kitty. It is not that my wife does not like kitties; she just does not like them on our property. No way she would ever, and I mean ever, condone some kitty living on our property. However, my thought was, what if she does not know? I have always heard that what your wife doesn’t know can’t hurt you. So, I put together a very sneaky plan.

Success: Why Do Some People Sabotage Their Own Success?

When someone holds themselves back in life, there are at least two things that can take place. If one is not aware of the fact that they are holding themselves back, they can come to see themselves as a victim.

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