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Seeing Conflict As an Opportunity – Peacemaking Wisdom

When tragedy strikes it is a normal response to ask where is God in this? Possibly the commonest tragedy in life is the travesty-of-heart individuals experience when in conflict. But, as we have learned through resurrection out of grief, conflict likewise is an opportunity too good to pass up.

Green Tea – The Top 10 Benefits

Perhaps you are sceptical about the benefits of drinking green tea, and you are not alone. Of course, as with anything else, it should be drunk in moderation. However, scientists have come out in favour of the beverage on the whole. Read this article to find out more.

True-Self: Are You Being Guided By Your Ego Or Your True-Self?

Taking action is one thing, but it is another thing altogether as to whether or not the action someone takes is coming from their true essence or their need for approval. One of the best ways for someone to find out is to take the time to reflect on why they are doing something.

Parenting In the Tech Age!

Don’t be afraid of electronics. Instead, just look for some balance.

Exercise Does Lower Blood Pressure!

Can you “walk off” your high blood pressure with an investment of just two hours a week? Read the results of this exciting new study…

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