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What Place Do You Give to Guilt?

There is a place we all give to guilt. Every single one of us. Especially those of us who are sensitive and who cannot help but care.

For the Future You

Some things are so precious we need to find a safe place for them. And we need to be doubly careful we don’t forget where we hid the prized possession. So many times I’ve done that; I’ve lost what I desperately wanted to be able to find.

Kindness Is Differential Blindness

If life has taught me anything it is that I am selfish. I’m being honest. I don’t see very well at times. But times when I do see well, I’m prone to going my own way. I like to agree with those who think like me, and I tend to judge people who think differently. I am not very kind at times. Indeed, I think it is more the case that kindness is something I’ve had to work on. It isn’t something that comes naturally. I think this is the case for most of us.

Let’s Get Honest About Identity

What happened when I approached 40 also happened as I approached 50. Both seasons involved tremendous introspection, with associated reflections that catapulted me along. Approaching 40 I was thrown into a two-month bout of depression; a kind of midlife crisis. Approaching 50 was very different. I enjoyed the fact that I was entering the age of legacy. But it’s not like that for everyone.

Grief That Is the Ugly Ache That Won’t Go Away

Of the 18,693 days I have been alive, there must have been several hundred that I could chalk up as resolute failures. Maybe a thousand or more. But there have been periods – series’ of days – of my life when failure, as a contrast, would have been ten times brighter to what I was actually experiencing.

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