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Why Should A Homeowner Choose You: Are You The CAUSE?

When a homeowner decides, and determines, for whatever, reason, or combination of reasons, it’s time to sell his home, he has the option of attempting to do so, on his own, known as a FSBO (For Sale, By Owner), or hiring a real estate agent. Many studies have been published, which indicate, in the vast number of instances, and circumstances, however, they benefit, from using an agent. In fact, these studies indicate, they net, a higher price, do so in a shorter – period of time, and experience far less hassle and/ or strength, when they hire a professional, to handle…

Disruptive Negotiation

Disruption is a strategy that can work in negotiation. Here are some ways in which you can make it work for you.

Good Nerves – Your Secret to Speaking Success

Nerves are natural when you speak to a group. This article suggests that you should stop hoping these nerves will disappear and work proactively to make them work for you.

Negotiator’s Quiz – Would You Say These Statements Are Right or Wrong?

Take the quiz by answering these seven questions about how to best negotiate. 1. It’s best not to connect with the other party before a negotiation, because it will make it harder for you to be strong and forceful in the negotiation and they may try to use the relationship to manipulate you.

Better Leadership Comes From Baby STEPS

Kevin Bacon, and his brother, perform together, with their band, as the Bacon Brothers, and one of their songs, Baby Steps, speaks, of the necessity, for each of us, to visualize challenges, in a more comforting manner, by approaching them, in a step – by – step, way. This is, especially, true, when it comes to effectively, leading, because, with the numerous obstacles, confronted by those in leadership positions, as well as the significant challenges, one faces, on a regular basis, breaking actions down, into smaller steps, makes every challenge, feel, easier to overcome! With that in mind, this article will…

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