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The Necessary FOCUS Of A True Leader

Why is it, so many people seek, are elected, selected, and/ or ascend to, positions of leadership, but, very few, actually, end up, becoming relevant, quality, effective, meaningful, true leaders? Does it seem to you, few of these individuals, seem to take office. prepared, ready, and with a meaningful, relevant plan, rather than merely embracing the supposed, perceived glory and power of holding some office, and/ or their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest?

Isn’t It Time To Say, Enough, To The Politicians?

How often, in the last couple of years, has the news, frustrated, depressed, irritated, or angered you, and you felt, you’ve had enough, of what’s going on, and the direction, the United States of America, seems to be going? Have you observed how things are proceeding, and asked yourself, why those, supposedly, serving and representing you, appear to rather, be only serving their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest? Why does it seem, so little common sense, is demonstrated, and, perhaps, even less integrity, and ethics?

Protein Power: Not Just for Muscles (Part 2 – Appetite Control)

The importance of dietary protein goes far beyond muscle building. This article looks at the effect of protein on a few key hormones that influence appetite.

Features and Benefits – Why Understanding the Difference Is Crucial for Your Business

To say that marketing your company has changed from even ten years ago feels a bit like a cliché. We all know that the marketing landscape has changed – I prefer to look at it as “enhanced” because many traditional marketing channels remain powerful (word of mouth for example).

Sometimes We Need To Hit Rock Bottom Before We Can Rise Up

I recently heard something that made me think about how destructive positive thinking can be. Thanks, in part, due to the self-development world, so many people believe that they need to have positive thoughts all the time.

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