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What You Need to Know About Live Overhead Lines

Accidents caused due to contact with live overhead wires are not a small number. Many lives are lost or injuries triggered when a scaffold tube, tall cranes, ladders or water jets come very near to live overhead electricity lines.

9 Cold Calling Techniques That Convert

So… you want to learn how to cold call for sales? Do you want to learn cold calling techniques that really work? So here are my golden 9 cold calling tips

The Tragedy of Non-Competitive Sales Managers

Are you one of those guys (girls) placing tens maybe hundreds of calls on a weekly basis? And besides that, you have this Sales Coach over your head (Manager, Rep, etc) pushing you to achieve your KPI’s and you constantly hear all these advice on how you should do this or that, what tricks you should use to succeed in cold calling or sales. Fact is that those coaches, most of the time are uneducated idiots with a very limited perception of the world, people that because averagely did a little bit better as cold callers in the…

Objections – The 2 Main Categories

A. Objections B. Excuses (disguised as objections). What is the difference?

Sales Follow Up, The Easy Part of Sales That Is Being Ignored

Through my experience as an independent sales rep all these years I saw it happening again and again and again. Good salespeople putting an effort, convincing the prospect and at the end..

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