Sleet reported in some areas of Central Texas, residents capture on camera

Trump’s Power Of Revisionist History: 6 Key Issues

We should be used – to, politicians, using political spin, in order to portray, events, in a light, most favorable, to their perspective, etc! It is, certainly, nothing, too unusual, to observe, any politician, shade – the – truth, in order to promote, his political agenda, etc. These past four years, we have, perhaps, heard, the expression, Fake Facts, as well as Alternative Facts, articulated, at an unprecedented rate!

It Will Take More Than Motivation To Make A Business Succeed

Many people naturally have the leadership abilities that are necessary to operate a successful business based on their family environment while they were growing up. Their basic character traits are often nurtured and manifested during these stages.

Trump Is One – Of – A – Kind!: Is That A Good Thing?: 6 Examples

There are very few people, who have, neither, a positive, nor, negative opinion, about President Donald Trump! It seems, about 35% of Americans, strongly support this individual, and, his behavior, statements, unusual actions, etc, do not seem to change, their positive, strong belief, in him! Apparently, about 40% of the electorate, appear, to strongly, disapprove, and would vote, for nearly, anyone, other than him!

Why It Seems, The Lies Are Working?: 5 Possibilities

It should come, as no surprise, most citizens state, they would prefer public leaders, who, consistently maintain absolute integrity, but, we have observed, in the past four years, an unprecedented degree of telling lies, and making misstatements, from Donald Trump (according to political fact – checkers)! If these statements, were, merely, occasional, it might be considered, the normal, from politicians, but, it seems, no matter how often, obvious, etc, the lies, may be, they keep coming! Since, there have been so many disclosures, of this behavior, etc, one might believe, at, some point, many people would stop listening to him,…

Networking Cameo

Use these tips to expand on your networking exposure. Be strategic and intentional about making connections, building brand awareness and expanding your networks.

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