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Will You Lead, By EXAMPLE?

Remember the adage, I’m from Kansas – show me? How does that concept, factor into, effectively leading, and the best way, to do so, in a relevant, meaningful, sustainable manner? We need, to discover true leaders, who will be willing to take charge, and show us the way, by the way, they act, and proceed, rather than merely by empty promises, and rhetoric!

When Did Democracy Become A CHARADE?

Nearly everyone would agree, we are presently undergoing a period, and politics, as we have not witnessed, at least, in recent memory. Some feel, that is a good thing, but many others, feel it is detrimental to the guaranteed freedoms and liberties, which have previously, been the foundations, of making this nation unique, great, and the land of the free! Since September 11, 2001, many things, previously, either taken, for granted, or considered, unnecessary concerns, have become perceived priorities, due to, perhaps, a combination of fears, hatred, anger, etc.

Why The Credit Always Belongs To The Man In The Arena Who Dares Greatly

Sadly, critics are everywhere these days and hide behind their uncertainties wishing they were in the limelight. They are not only people, but the inner critic within us. Sometimes, the critic appears masquerading as a family member, a loved one or a close friend. A snarky remark here and there leaves you bewildered as to their intended message. Can you identify with this narrative of the unassuming critic?

Starting Over – It Only Gets Better!

In the past 20 years I have learned that there really is no starting over in life. We torture ourselves with self-depreciating thoughts that we have failed, wasted x number of years, or squandered our youth climbing the wrong mountain, but that’s not true!

What Did Your Parents Teach You About Men And Women?

I remember reading ‘Family Secrets’ by John Bradshaw and in this book he said, “it was and is your parents’ actually lives that educated you: not what they said, but what they did”. I took this to mean that what my parents did was far more important than what came out of their mouth.

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