State of Texas: Biden vows to expand benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits

Five Ways Vitamin D Helps the Penis

Who ever thought that not enough sunlight could seriously affect a man’s amorous intentions in the evening? Read up about how vitamin D and the penis work well together.

The Best Bracelets for Holiday Gifts

Looking forward to giving a perfect, shimmering gift to any of the special ladies in your life? Well, then, here’s a list of all the oh-so-charming jewelry pieces that you can gift her so that she feels not only special but also spectacular.

Oral Pleasuring of One’s Own Erect Penis: 6 Tips

Oral sex is high on a man’s “must have” list, especially when he sports an erect penis. For those interested in providing their own oral satisfaction, some tips may be needed.

Locations for Better Sex

Even people who have perfectly delightful sex wouldn’t say no to even better sex. One option for seeking out better sex? Try coupling in a variety of locations.

Fall in Love With Black Earrings

Finally, after the hot summer months, it’s time to break the chunky knit sweaters and darker colors because Autumn is here! If you’re looking for the perfect accessories for your fall wardrobe. Our dramatic fall collection, Industrial Finish, is the perfect fit for a booming business woman or a haute Halloween queen.

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