State of Texas: Crooks print real Texas DMV temporary tags to cover up crimes

Does My Family Limit My Success

This article looks at how important it is to have a family that supports you. Its easy to fail but success requires support from yourself and others. The cost of families working together is success for family members.

The Reason You’re Not Writing And How To Change That

It’s so easy to dream of being a writer; to imagine sitting at home and earning so much money that you wonder why you didn’t do it years ago. But the reality is different. You want to write yet it seems so hard to sit down and do it. And every time you think about writing you suddenly think of a hundred other things you could or should be doing. Does it sound familiar? Well you’re not alone.

How to Be Brilliant With the Neuroscience of the Flow Cycle

Would you like to be 500% more productive? Sounds crazy, right? Researchers into the neuroscience of peak performance have shown that when we get into peak performance states our creativity and our productivity soars. And we can do that every day, deliberately. This article explains the basics.

The History of Malev Hungarian Airlines

This article traces the 66-year history of Malev Hungarian Airlines. It discusses the carriers that preceded it, its fleet, its route expansion, and the reasons for its demise.

Psychic Terrors – Mirrors of Psychological Errors

The word psychic has several applications depending on the nature of the particular discourse. From cognitive and mental capacities to emotional reactivity and supernatural eccentricities, the inference can be diversely applicable in a number of encounters. In reference to early seers and fortunetellers, “psychic”, and by inclusion, “psyche”, refers matter of the “mind”. Both references culminate into the philosophical expression of “psychology”, or the “study of the mind”. In this episode, “psychic terrors” and “psychological mirrors” culminate in an expression to suggest confusion, misunderstanding and misdirection in human behavioral studies. As to the essential reliability of various inquiries, particularly associated with the various schools of thought, scientific validity is called into question. Of the value for the greater good, serious concerns arise with regard to overall credibility of conjecture, claims and commentary.

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