State of Texas: Don Huffines promises Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl win if he’s elected governor

How to Accelerate Your Personal Growth Now

We do not need to add to hatred and divisiveness in the world. The power is in us to become powerful change agents for a new way of living. It starts with stepping away from ego-based demands and embracing our capacity for kindness. When we look at others with kindness, we awaken in them a vision of their true potential so they can grow and change as well.

Marketing A Business on a Shoestring Budget

Using these marketing ideas when you have little to no money will take mostly time, especially if you need to learn how to use the technology. However, putting to work even a couple of these ideas will push your business forward.

Lumbar Disc Protrusions Respond Well To Chiropractic Manipulation

Many people suffer from lower back disc problems. To some, it might be surprising that chiropractic care can help with back pain relief of this condition. This article will discuss disc problems of the back, how chiropractic treatment can help and a scientific study confirming improvement of disc conditions when treated with manipulation.

3 Tips to Manage Change

With all of the change that’s been happening in the past 6 months, I thought this was the perfect time to talk about how to cope with change effectively. So I met with Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Workplace Communication Consultant and Author of The Finkelstein Factor – What to do when things go wrong, because you know they will (sigh).

Commitment: Can Childhood Trauma Make It Hard For Someone To Commit?

When it comes to achieving something, developing a skill or having an intimate relationship, for instance, it will be essential for someone to make a commitment. Through making a decision to stick with something, they will be able to make progress and to reap the benefits of doing so.

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