State of Texas: FBI calls for more steps to fix Texas’ paper license plate problem

Why SERVICE Must Be The Primary Emphasis?

Regardless, of one’s poltical affiliation, or party, or, even, one’s overall, priorities, perceptions, etc, each voter must demand better, and more effective leaders, than, we have generally, elected! There must be certain issues, which are, considered, above – politics, and every public official, must provide, the highest degree, and quality, of relevant, SERVICE, not only to those, who elected him, but to all citizens, he, supposedly, serves and represents! Although, we have often, witnessed, too much, partisan politics, in recent memory, we probably, have not, ever, observed this, to, as large an extent, as we are currently witnessing!

Why Data, And Science, MATTER?

When someone, in a position of leadership, and public trust, claims, he trusts his instincts, and mind, more than, any experts, because he is, a stable genius, it generally, doesn’t bring – about, the proactive, well – considered, strategic, and action plans, which would be most beneficial! It has become, even more apparent, during this horrific pandemic, because Trump’s apparent, disdain, for science, and data, has created, what might, kindly, be referred to, as an erratic approach, to containing it, and flattening – the – curve! The reality is, understanding, and taking advantage of the science, and public health experts…

5 Concerns When Politicians Say, Law And Order!

We’ve seen this before, but, perhaps, not at the scale/ level, we are presently witnessing! In the past half – century, this is, at least, the third – time, it’s been a politician’s weapon! Who can forget, Richard Nixon, using this rhetoric, in 1968, or Ronald Reagan, in his 1980’s campaign, and, perhaps, because, it seemed to be effective, then, Donald Trump’s campaign, has taken this, to new heights!

Critical Thinking: Is A Lack Of Individuation One Of The Biggest Problems In Today’s World?

Over the years, a lot has been said about the number of people who are suffering from mental and emotional problems. This is something that the mainstream media regularly cover.

Why We’d Be Better – Off, If He Learned, The Art Of LEADING?

Many of this President’s core supporters, were, initially, attracted to him, by what, they considered, his celebrity status. This was created, by his appearances, in a successful, reality – television, series, and his original reputation, was largely developed, by his best – selling, book. However, these factors, do not translate, to desirable, prepared, quality stewardship, of the highest office, in this land!

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