State of Texas: Gas price surge fuels push to boost Texas oil production

The Danger Of High-Pressure Focus

Two words will be your best friends in this situation: awareness and delegation. By awareness, I mean awareness of what is the most important task at hand. The most important task for the pilot of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 was to fly the airplane. Instead, he got distracted by the bright shiny object (or, in this case, the lack of a bright shiny object). When you find yourself in a high-pressure situation, ask yourself, “What is the most important thing for me to focus on right now?” And… empower at least one person on your team to check you on this. If they see you cognitively tunneling down the rabbit hole, they need to be empowered to slap you (figuratively, of course) and ask you the same question: “What is the most important thing for you to focus on right now?”

What The “Mission: Impossible” Movies Can Teach You About Pressure

I just saw the new Mission: Impossible movie. I’m not going to give anything away here (because you may not have seen it yet, and besides, I’m not that kind of a jerk), but it is absolutely filled with high-pressure situations!

Best Cheap Vacation Packages – 6 Great, Affordable Places You Should Consider Visiting

Everybody loves going on vacation, but nobody likes paying for it. Just because travel costs money doesn’t mean that it can’t be affordable. You can book your next trip with peace of mind if you choose an affordable destination. Where should you go? This list of best cheap vacation packages includes a variety of domestic destinations and international destinations that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

Cheap Hotels in Kansas City Info: Where to Stay & What to Do

Whether you have to go for business or personal reasons, you should be able to find cheap hotels in Kansas City. It’s located right on the western border of Missouri, right next to Kansas. There are so many fun things to do, like spending time at the park, visiting specialty museums, sightseeing, etc. Head to the historic 18th and Vine Jazz District to enjoy live music. At the Country Club Plaza you can go on a fun shopping spree. There are a number of festivals and parades held each year.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming Laptop Review – What You Need to Know About This Affordable Gaming PC

More and more computer manufacturers are jumping on the “laptop gaming” bandwagon, and Dell is no exception. If you’re looking for an inexpensive laptop that can handle most games, all you have to do is check out the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming model. With good graphics capabilities, fast file transfers, and overall performance, it’s a nice laptop for the casual gamer.

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