State of Texas: Lawmakers grill TXDMV over paper license plate fraud

A Major League Lineup Of Dee Jays

Were former Most Valuable Player Josh Donaldson to for some reason reverse his initials, his main role in the Toronto clubhouse would literally fit him. The veteran third baseman, along with catcher Russell Martin, serves as the locker room DJ for the Blue Jays. A recent article in ESPN.

Wisdom of the Aged

My grandmother was literally my second mother. My father was away in World War II and I spent my first few years at her house. I remember her gentle ways which my mother adopted. She was a quiet soul who preferred to be in the background rather than the center of attention. I remember large family gatherings throughout her house. She would sometimes withdraw to the kitchen for her single glass of beer. She would often invite me to sit quietly with her. I was away in the monastery when she died and I was not allowed to attend her funeral. That has always been one of my main regrets in life.

For Women: How to Create Happiness – Making Your Partner Happy

Too many a time we face relationship problems. But there is always a way through. Keep your thoughts positive and almost always work out a solution. In this article, I present several ways to make and keep your partner happy. Look inside to find out.

No Matter What You Have Been Through, Or What You Are Presently Going Through, There Is An Answer

People go through times of strain and stress. A serious health problem can make you feel like something is attacking you, even making you almost lose hope in Jesus Christ. “Why is this happening to me?” A crushing disappointment can shake you, as though you were alone in a boat in the middle of a raging storm. Life may be harder than you ever expected it to be. God gives us resources to cope with pressures and difficulties – if we want His help. Jesus Christ comes to restore what has been lost, and repair what has been broken.

Our Loving Gracious Heavenly Father Has Good Gifts for His Children – Embrace What He Has for You

What might those around you be trying to do to you to get you down? What might be happening in your life that makes you feel like giving in or giving up? What might be troubling you deeply and it has bothered you for some weeks and months and perhaps it has even bothered you for years? There is an answer. There could be more than one answer – but the one that really works is found in the love and mercy and grace and forgiveness and peace of Jesus Christ. We have to choose at times. What do you think of, when you think of God? Many have their own idea of God, and what God is like, and even how and when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born.

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