State of Texas: ‘We don’t have enough staff’ – COVID surge strains Texas hospitals

Isn’t It About Time You Learnt The History Of The Fireplace

If you have a fireplace or thinking about buying a fire place to have in your own dwelling, you should know about its origins don’t you think? Ahhh… History of the Fireplace… Such nostalgic words.

The Harvey Girls – Women Who Opened the American Wild West

The Harvey Girls is the story of the pioneering women who worked at Fred Harvey’s restaurants along the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway in the United States from the 1880s until the mid-1960s. As westward expansion spread across the United States, the railroads followed. Feeding the passengers on cross-over train journey’s became the inspiration that resulted in the Harvey girls. The Harvey girls made travel in the Wild West a lot more enjoyable by serving tasty meals in pleasant surroundings.

Tragedy Into Victories

As I was walking exercising the other day, I noticed the exercise benches and other areas taped off stating “do not enter” then on another days’ visit there are new post stating “exercise at your own risk” with a short disclaimer with the park not being responsible if you or I were to get the Corona virus or became sick for any reason. I began to wonder just how many times has this park equipment been cleaned. Is this the new normal?

Safety Tips for Outdoor Patio Lighting

Installing outdoor patio lighting is a fantastic addition to your home but you should also be aware of how to make it safe. If installed incorrectly you run the risk of fires or accidentally electrocuting one of your guests. These are absolutely things you wish to avoid, so there are a few tips you can follow to keep you, your family, and your guests safe.

Give Your Outfits the Perfect Storage With Wooden Almirah and Wooden Double Bed

With regards to tidying up rooms, a large portion of us stops people in their tracks. A large number of us love accumulating their outfits on that helpless seat in the bedroom for quite a long time until the seat surrenders, and the garments begin tumbling off.

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