State of Texas: What are the issues Texas voters care about most?

Money on Sale

The real value of a financial advisor is determined by how he reacts during difficult times in the market. Furthermore, your advisor must be evaluated by how well he prepares you to have money available in any market environment.

Understanding Your BMI – Body Mass Index

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Its a calculation that takes into account your weight and height. The Body Mass Index is used as a screening tool or an indicator that measures body fatness.Its important to know your BMI and what category you fall in such as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

Leo Ferris: The Man Who Saved The NBA

The NBA was in trouble, it was a new league which had expanded to quickly and the games were getting bogged down and stale. One man stepped up with a revolutionary clock that would forever alter the basketball world.

Trust Yourself – You Only Have This One Lifetime

Learning to trust yourself can be quite the obstacle to overcome in life. Some people have no issues with this at all but on the flip side, many struggle making decisions and being at peace in knowing the right decision was made. There are many outside influences that can have dramatic effects on how you feel before, during and after making big life decisions.

RMS Titanic: The Unsinkable Love

Just how far can love take you? How deep can it penetrate one’s heart in order for you to commit and do anything for that loved one? Tackling about the poetic and emotional importance of the so called ‘Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship’ that housed thousands of people will surely make one’s heart and mind realize the depth of the event that had happened in the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912.

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