Suspect in custody after 2 shot near Republic Square in downtown Austin

4 Cheap European Cities for Spring Break

A short break to a European city can make a very memorable trip, but can be quite expensive. However, if you are careful with your choice of travel destination, there is a great chance of dodging the high price tags.

Stories of Hope: Little Sister’s Stem Cells Offer Hope

The medical world is buzzing with success stories of how cord blood stem cells have been used to heal a cluster of ailments, from leukaemia to Type 1 and 2 diabetes and many more. This is has made parents-to be consider cord blood banking when their baby is born.

Banking a Baby’s Cord Blood May Save Their Life – Is It Worth It?

Amidst all the other do’s and don’ts, expecting parents have yet another decision to ponder on! That of cord blood banking. Keeping in mind the innumerable success stories that are circling round the globe, of how sibling’s cord blood stem cell has saved her elder or younger sister’s life to miraculous recovery within the family, cord blood cell banking is akin to opting in for a biological insurance.

The Cost of Auto Insurance in Nova Scotia

Larger provinces like Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec are often the ones that get the most attention, as a result of their population sizes and general land mass. It’s about time someone focused on the smaller provinces, which is why InsurEye has decided to dedicate this article to Nova Scotia. There are great ways to find the best insurance rates in the smaller provinces too! It’s not always just about the big ones.

How to Live Without Resentments

To live without resentments, you must be willing to let them go. You must release your anger and your need to be right. By doing so, you are actually choosing strength.

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