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What Are The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing?

What are the secrets of the top affiliate marketing ‘guru’s’? Or, is the secret to make yourself a guru so people will buy your products?! Top affiliate marketers have ‘cracked’ the code and know exactly which strategies get them the best results for their efforts.

Dealing With Emotional Triggers

I write this article because I realized that while going through a tough season in my life and going through the emotional healing process there were moments when out of nowhere something and even someone would say or do something unbeknownst to them that would set me on an emotional spiral because it triggered a negative memory or life moment gripped by strong emotions. Once the moment subsided I started wondering what I could do to not be undermined by emotional triggers in my life. It has a lot to do with your thought process which…

Ready to Live a Less Dramatic Emotional Life, for Simpler and Uncomplicated Connections With Others?

In last week’s article, we talked about how we like to complicate things and make our lives more dramatic than necessary at times. We have judgments, pre-conceived ideas, interpretations of what if/what is supposed to be and so on.

Health Alert: Fast Food Wraps and Salad Have Sickened Hundreds

Over 400 people have been sickened by eating salad, food wraps and other items that contain fresh (uncooked) vegetables at various fast food chain restaurants since May 1, 2018. Others recently became ill after eating prepared salads or using vegetables bagged as salad ingredients brought home from food store chains. Some people who like to lick the spoon after mixing homemade or prepackaged cookie or cake dough also got sick due to the flour (already recalled) or eggs (salmonella) in the mix. Why have things like fresh vegetables and flour suddenly become a possible health threat?

How Do You Want To Be Remembered

Trust me – the years pass much more quickly than most people realize or are willing to accept. I don’t care your chronological age as that is not the determining fact as to when you will check out of here so back to my question – How do you want to be remembered after you are gone?

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