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How to Teach Yourself to Be More Independent

Too many a time, you hit low times when you crave for someone to depend on. While it is okay to have someone for support, you should grow from the situation, rely on your intuition and make choices to make your situation much better. This is just one example of how to grow more independent. The article shows several other examples on being more self-sufficient. Look inside to find out.

Soul Loss and Spirit Loss

Soul and spirit are not the same. Soul loss requires a different approach to healing than what one does for Spirit loss.

Why Are 2,000,000 Americans Playing Pickleball?

Two million Americans are playing pickleball? What is this game like? What makes it so much fun to play? Who invented the game? Is it really named after a dog?

The Five Duties Performed in the Domestic Home That Make Mothers Great

Mothers are a blessing to global societies. This is true because they offer tremendous services to the numerous households that ensure the development of the entire society. In the domestic home, the roles performed by mothers soothe the pain of every member of the family and cushions them to contain the stresses and strains of this life. This article explains the motherly duties that make women exceptionally great. These roles include their hard work in carrying out domestic chores, their skilful and resourcefulness in managing the material as well as monetary resources in the house, their roles as advisors, comforters and excellent cooks.

Family: Royal and Non-Royal Similarities

When we think about the royal family, our minds automatically include castles, riches and pageantry. What we forget about, however, is the fact that all families have things in common and, like us, the royals are not excluded from problems. Queen Elizabeth has been admired for several reasons.

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