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Busting the Myths About Speaking

It is not a myth that speaking to a group is one of the greatest human fears. Speak to any group and a significant number will have suffered Glossophobia, as psychologists call it. Even those who have spoken to groups confidently in the past may find that with a different group they will suffer dry mouth, breathlessness, blushing, sweating, mind blanks or myriad of other debilitating symptoms.

First or Second Offer – Choosing the Best for You

In the process of a negotiation, one of the significant points is making the offer. Who goes first? This article explains that you need to be prepared for both and gives some hints for each option.

Why Leaders Must Know And Address Their FAULTS

Unless one begins, by fully understanding and appreciating, a leader is, essentially, a human being, who is motivated, inspired, and has the right type of attitude, to focus on others, before his own, personal, self – interest, meaningful, effective leadership, cannot be possible! Part of being a person, is realizing and admitting, everyone has certain strengths, as well as weaknesses, and, if one, hopes, to lead, in any type of relevant manner, he must be ready, willing and able, to recognize, admit and address his specific, personal FAULTS! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, and discuss,…

We Hurt the Ones We Love – Why Do We Treat Strangers Better Than Family?

How come over the years, we hurt loved ones and yet we treat strangers with compassion and gentleness? Can you relate? This article touches on this point. Look inside to find out.

Sign Up Now Is a Call to Action on Life Support – What to Say Instead

Some might even say the ubiquitous “Sign up now” in proximity to the words Newsletter or Updates, is not a call to action at all. Literally, yes, it is telling someone to take an action, but it’s not engaging. Wait, let me be honest, it’s worse than that. It’s boring.

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