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Zero-Based Budgeting: The Serious Solution

Are you tired of leaders, who, propose, pie – in – the – sky, populist proposals, without taking the time, or making the effort, to see viable, potential solutions? In my, over four decades of involvement, in nearly all aspects of leadership, from training, and developing, to personal service, and consulting, I have come to realize, there are, unfortunately, there are far more, well – intentioned, pseudo – leaders, than actual ones! Some of these point to the fact, their group creates an annual budget, as proof, they are being responsible, responsive, and/ or practical, yet, unless, budgets are utilized…

The Core Of RESPONSIVE Leadership

Have you ever taken the time, to truly consider, what some of essential responsibilities of leading, should be? Although, there are a considerable number of necessities, perhaps, the core of meaningful leadership, is its degree of being, RESPONSIVE. This must be, both, in actuality, as well as in, the way, one’s constituents and stakeholders, perceive, the actions of any potential leader.

Will I Ever Be Forgiven?

Have you ever had a time when you felt you had transgressed a significant relationship so much you felt you may not ever be forgiven? I’m sure you relate. There have been possibly a dozen or more times like that in my life.

A Proposed Apology For You, Steven Smith and David Warner

Presuming Steven Smith and David Warner, as captain and vice-captain respectively, are those who are solely accountable for cheating, apart from Cameron Bancroft, this is a model apology they could make. This is using the PeaceWise Seven ‘A’ Apology.

Relationships: Do Some People’s Childhood Set Them Up To Feel Safe With Abuse?

While there are people in the world who are in healthy relationships, there are others who aren’t. As a result of this, some people are going to be with people who have a negative effect on them.

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