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Aging With Gratitude – These Tips Help

Aging is a part of our journey through time, and it can be a wonderful, creative, and inspiring adventure. Gratitude helps make it so!

Depression: Can Someone’s Inner Critic Cause Them To Feel Depressed?

In the same way that a child will most likely perform a task better if their parent is speaking to them in a supportive manner, an adult is also likely to be able to perform a task better if they are talking themselves in a supportive manner. Not only this, it will be a lot easier for them to do well in general is this is how they typically talk to themselves.

‘Oumuamua: The Long-Lost Child Of A Mysterious Star

The vagabond child of a mysterious parent-star beyond our own Sun, ‘Oumuamua sings a haunting sirens’ song to curious astronomers who are trying to find its elusive stellar parent. ‘Oumuamua was discovered in late 2017, and this alien visitor from far, far away is currently the only known escapee from the family of a distant star to have been found wandering through our own Solar System. Unfortunately, like many runaway children, ‘Oumuamua’s parentage is a well-kept secret. However, in September 2018, a team of astronomers led by Dr. Coryn Bailer-Jones of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany, announced that they have managed to track ‘Oumuamua back to several possible parent stars. The astronomers found four separate candidate stars where ‘Oumuamua may have originated before it embarked on its solitary, long and treacherous journey through the space between stars to finally reach a temporary home in the family of our Sun.

Jesus In Plain English – What Is Love?

Is love a strong feeling of emotion or a commitment to care as much as you care about yourself? And does it still make the world go round? Cut off from a God-given moral standard, love means whatever you want; a summery, sunshine feeling for someone else – until a dark cloud blows over your little summer-love world and your feeling vanishes like the morning mist. No, love has to be more than that. We must listen to Jesus and his word on love.

Overcoming the Spirit of Control

God is pleased by faith. But God is displeased when we surrender to the spirit of control, which has us engaging in a flash in envying, malice, strife, and other malevolence.

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