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Is Circumcision Necessary? Reasons for and Against the Ancient Practice

Today it’s time to answer the oft-asked question, “Is circumcision necessary?” Let’s talk about the big cut and why a man may choose to do it.

What Is a Turkish Costume?

The Turkish costume is a two piece costume which exposes the abdominal area of a belly dancer. There are many interpretations, beliefs, and myths as to why this area of the body is exposed. This costume offers a variety of skirt wraps, colors, and accessories.

Speak the Speech, I Pray Thee

Now that elocution is no longer included in the school curriculum,.students morph into adults with scant inclination to think about proper grammar before opening their mouths. While newspapers still maintain the standards stressed by scholars of yore, radio and television are awash with performers and guests who blithely murder the King’s English..

What Is Retirement

What is Retirement? Keeping a Journal As we grow and age in this life, we seem to have generalized goals for specific periods of time. The first 18 to 25 years can be set aside for education and training.

Does a Hot House Imply Roof Insulation Problems?

If you are worried about your home’s energy efficiency, it is wise to have your attic and roof insulation and ventilation inspected. A licensed roofing contractor can advise you on how your roofing system affects your home’s indoor air climate.

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