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Bent Penis and Curved Hands? Could Be a Connection

The condition known as Peyronie’s disease is marked by the emergence of a severely bent penis. This penis health condition can de distressing for those who suffer from it, as the degree of curvature can interfere with sexual enjoyment as well as causing pain and discomfort. And some men with a bent penis may find themselves with a significantly curved hand as well – sometimes before their penis is bent and sometimes after.

How to Maintain a Healthy Penis: 6 Ways to Take Action

Keeping your penis healthy is one of the most important things you can do to preserve and protect your health as best as possible. Eating right, exercising regularly, taking vitamins, watching your alcohol intake and performing regular testicular cancer checks are a few ways that men can take control of their health and penis.

How to Make Sure Your Goals Are High Impact

Make your goal setting a high ROI activity by using the IMPACTOR Goals model. It will ensure that your goals will get you where you want to go, with high impact.

Round Out Your Delts For Bigger Gains In Size And Strength!

Shoulders are one of those rare body parts that are often both overtrained and undertrained. Allow me to explain: With delts playing a part in all chest pressing movements, it’s easy for them to be overtrained and so come up short when shoulders are worked.

How To Inhibit Muscle Breakdown While You Sleep?

Learn A to Zzzzzz of supplements to build muscle mass while you’re sleeping! If putting on muscle mass is your primary goal – and, really, what other goal is there?

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