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Which HOUSING Is Right, For You?

Finding the ideal HOUSING, varies, often, significantly, from individuals, to individuals. In addition, what might be ideal (or believed, to be), today, may not be so, sometime in the future. For some, the best option, is renting, because, either they are unwilling, and/ or unable to commit to, and/ or, have the ability/ skill, needed, associated with home ownership, such as maintenance, repairs, upkeep, and financial considerations, and concerns.

Leaders Must Be Unifying GENERALS!

Although there are so many components, of effective leadership planning, and service/ representation, organizations should seek, leaders, who combine the strengths, self – confidence, and decisiveness, of GENERALS, while maintaining a strict commitment, to unifying, and bringing together, the many sectors, of an organization. When we review, the best Generals, we realize, they were so successful, usually, because, they evaluated fully, focused on well – considered, strategic and action plans, consider the options and alternatives, as well as potential ramifications, etc. With that in mind, this article will briefly, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of what this concerns…

Let’s UNIFY America, Again!

America was founded by a group of immigrants, who protested perceived and/ or actual oppression, and sought, to create, a nation, where all people are created equal, and our pledge committed, to liberty and justice, for all. Only in the 1950’s were the words, under God, added to our Pledge, and placed, between, one nation, and, with liberty, etc. Our Founding Fathers were concerned with the potential dangers, involved, if there wasn’t a clear separation, of church, and state.

Find Fail Safe Project Success With These 4 Simple Tips

Getting your project — even a large one — off to a successful and quick beginning is a major key to success. So, here’s some help to help you move your project into the “Fail Safe” zone. As you explore and use your skills and power to think ahead, your results can far surpass what a traditional approach to project management offers.

Watch Your Energy and Enthusiasm Soar When You Express the Gratitude You Feel

When you feel and express gratitude, you give yourself great gifts of energy and enthusiasm. This gives you a boost and really transforms your experience of time.

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