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Quality Leadership FLOWS

Although many, either, are elected, selected, and/ or ascend to, positions of leadership, few actually, seem ready, and prepared to lead, nor, necesarily, the right individual, for the tasks, needed and necessary. I have dedicated thousands of articles to some of the needed assets, skills, abilities, and positive attitude, but, even when one possesses the optimal combination of these attributes, they will only effectively, lead, when their leadership FLOWS, without interruption, or delay, because a true leader, must be ready, willing, and able to, be prepared to proceed, without delay, and with well – considered, timely action. With that in mind, I…

Penis Pump Parties: Exhibiting the Erect Penis

Many men using a penis pump to achieve an erect penis, sometimes for purely recreational purposes. Enthusiasts may even hold pump parties to share the results of their pumping.

Penis Protection: Daily Do’s & Don’ts

Penis protection is an issue which requires daily attention from a man. There are numerous ways to attend to penis care, some of which are simply good common sense.

Itchy Penis From C. Glabrata, a Different Kind of Yeast

A maddening itchy penis is a major inconvenience and is often the result of an unwanted yeast infection. The infection caused by c. glabrata requires a different approach than some other yeast infections.

New Guidelines Needed For Public Discussions

Whether one is an ardent supporter of President Trump, or strongly disagrees, with the man, on nearly every issue, or anywhere, in – between, most would agree, we are presently witnessing times, which, in many ways, are significantly different, than any, in recent memory! The purpose of this article is not, to support anyone or anything, but, rather, to attempt to make America, far more civil, again, so Americans begin to talk, to each other, instead of, at one another. We have experienced times, when there was a considerable amount of political discourse, and disagreement, such as the Civil Rights…

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