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Uncover the Impact, Uncover the Pain

There isn’t anyone question that will always uncover the presence or absence of pain in the prospect’s world. There is, however, a good sequence of questions that can usually serve as a viable entry point to a productive discussion about pain. If you master only this one concept, you’ll be well on the way to discovering pain, or the lack of it, in your prospect’s world.

Shamanism and Transcendence

Here’s an explanation of the role of transcendence and shamanic travel to other realms. Involved in transcendence is the willingness to go beyond the ordinary. The shaman transcends ordinary consciousness.

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party With Cake and Flower Delivery?

Birthdays are special occasions that blend into one as we age. This article gives ideas and ways to make the day one of the most extraordinary. Three ways to plan a surprise birthday party for your loved one are also explained. It even gives tips on how to get a cake delivered online at midnight and what not to do.

Do You Struggle to Get Out of Bed in the Morning?

What’s your reaction when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? Do you automatically hit the snooze button, desperately craving just another 10 minutes peace? When we read that 90% adults say they don’t get enough sleep and that stress and sleep-related issues cost UK businesses £40 billion last year it’s no wonder that sleep and sleep tips receive so much attention in the media.

The Media: Does The Mainstream Media Use Slander To Control People?

Before the alternative media came along, the mainstream media pretty much had complete control. What this meant was that it was normal for most people to believe just about everything this source came out with.

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