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Will You PLAN To Own A Home?

Before you go through the time, effort, etc, of seeking, and searching, for a home, of your own, it requires a lot of preparation, objective introspection, and discipline, in order to end up, with the house, of your needs, and, hopefully, dreams. Will you be ready, willing, and able, to PLAN, to buy your home, in a way, which will make sense, in terms of your needs (financial, present and projected future needs), and personal comfort zone, so this experience goes through, in as comfortable, stress – free, manner, as possible? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly…

The BOWRMW Of Effective Event Negotiations

One of the critical errors, most organizations, make, when considering, and planning their events, conferences, etc, is failing to appoint the correct individual, to lead, and be primarily responsible for ensuring, the best possible results. After more than four decades of involvement in planning, creating, organizing, negotiating, and over – seeing, hundreds of events of various sizes and purposes, I believe this is generally, more about quality leadership, and preparation, than merely appointing someone to run an event. I refer to this as the BOWRMW of effectively negotiating any event for an organization.

Why Is There, So Much, Voter APATHY?

Whether it’s because, many feel disenfranchised, or, believe their vote won’t make any difference and/ or count, or the level of the individuals, who seek elected office, we have noticed, in the United States of America, voter turnout is low and disappointing (for example, half the eligible voters didn’t exercise their right, in the Presidential election of 2016). Some state, in 2016, many didn’t like and/ or trust, either candidate, and Donald Trump was elected, because so many disliked his opponent. Others proclaim, some of the so – called, progressives, were disappointed when Bernie Sanders, did not win the Democratic…

Elizabeth – The Forgotten Years by John Guy

Elizabeth – The Forgotten Years by John Guy is an academic historian´s account of the years from the Spanish Armada to the accession of James I. It is a thorough, detailed and demonstrably accurate assessment of Queen Elizabeth´s reign, the politics of the era and the economic consequences of war, intrigue and patronage. With Tudor history selling films, books and television series, it is refreshing in this book to be told the true story.

The BASIC Requirements Of A Real Estate Agent

There are hundreds of thousands, of real estate professionals, throughout this country. Some areas/ regions, have a wide variety of agents, for, either, a homeowner, hoping to sell, or potential qualified buyer, seeking a home, of his own, to choose from, and this article will attempt to discuss what should be considered, to be, the BASIC requirements, one should seek, and demand, from his selected, real estate agent. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, since, for most of us, the value of a house, represents their single – biggest,…

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