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Is A New Love What We Need In Letting Go Of The Past?

Love is in fact a key to a happy and fulfilling life. But what about if your heart is already broken because of a lost love? I a new love an answer to let go of the past?

Why Hypnotic Resistance Is Nothing to Brag About

Being “too mentally strong” to be hypnotised is nothing to brag about. It doesn’t even make sense. The best moments come from being open to new thoughts and experiences.

Ever Wonder What’s Your Destiny? Learn To Beat Challenges In Life Now And Meet Your Destiny

I guess it was during my high school days when I admitted to myself that God was not this old man with a white beard wearing a white robe, sitting on a golden throne somewhere past the sun, who handed out favors to those who prayed the most. The theology classes seemed to not want to go into that sort of thing, especially when it came to what’s my destiny. The study was more about making sense of the New and Old Testaments. The Exodus and the travels of Paul following Jesus’ death did interest me, but I always wanted more. My doubts were not about God ever, but I doubted the experts who interpreted all these teachings. Why was I supposed to trust someone else’s view of things?

Boundless Leadership: The Science of Adventure

Adventure has driven some of the most amazing discoveries in human history. We are hard-wired for it. But apart from the yearning fed by curiosity, is there a science to it? #boundlessleadership

Quick Relief for Trauma and PTSD

Do you struggle with trauma or PTSD? Did you feel unsafe in your childhood or adult life from abuse? Are you working in a field where you see tragedies that happened to people and animals? You may be, among others, a firefighter, police officer, nurse, doctor, or paramedic. Then read more to help yourself feel calm and peaceful.

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