SXSW documentary shares story of Texas family changed by its transgender child

Keep Your Journal for Yourself

There’s also something incredibly personal about keeping a journal, even when it’s intended to be read only by ourselves in private. If you’re thinking of keeping a journal mark it as an important part of your journey, a special commitment you’re making to yourself.

Manage the Expense of Christmas

Christmas can place an inordinate amount of stress on a tightly managed household budget. A change in circumstances can throw precarious finances into crisis with some families taking up to three years to repay their Christmas spending. Here are a few tips to help you manage the expense of Christmas.

Critical Thinking: Does The ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Theory Show How Disconnected We Have Become?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to suffer from mental and emotional problems. This is then not going to be something that they struggle with from time to time and can, therefore, put to one side; it will be something that makes it hard for them to handle their day-to-day life.

How to Develop a Heart As Big As a House

Cultivating thankfulness and gratitude is an art that can be developed. In the Hawaiian culture these attributes are taught by positive examples. However, all of us can benefit from an attitude of gratitude if we are willing to shift our perspecitve, and learn to grow through the challenges life brings

All the Facts About Penile Rejuvenation

Many men want a stronger, longer, girthier, more vigorous penis, but that’s impossible, right? Not so! If a man has 15 minutes, a debit card, and a pretty clean bill of health, that dream could be a reality. Here’s everything every man wanted to know about penile rejuvenation!

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