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Covid-19 – Why Does the Fatality Rate Appear to Be Falling Off?

It seems to have become an article of faith to those who, for whatever strange reason, feel an obligation to underplay the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic, that notwithstanding the apparent resurgence of the virus it is somehow less threatening or less deadly this time around. Whilst case numbers are increasing, they argue, any corresponding increase in the number of fatalities has thus far been negligible.

Uniquely Recent American Sperm Donor Story In 21st Century

This is the story of an altruistic young American who donated his sperm to a sperm bank. Modern science has already developed methodology to store the sperms and make them viable for some time. Fertility clinics and supportive industries helped them grow in the states in USA and abroad. This American became a doctor and at age 53 in Corvallis Oregon surprised to know through the internet that he was the parent to, not two or three but nineteen kids.

How Does Fear Impact Divorce?

Fear is prevalent in the realm of divorce. When parents of divorce get caught upon in a fear driven reactionary state, the impact on the underlying dynamics is significant. The impact on your children can cause lifelong emotional and psychological trauma. What can you do to move past the fear is shared herein.

7 Ways to Try On a New Career Before Deciding On It

This article helps you to easily do the research you need to make a decision about a new career path you may be considering. It gives 7 tips on how to actually “try on” a different career to explore how it would feel to you and how much you may enjoy it–or not!

Message Of Encouragement During Troubling Times

These are troubling times, to say the least. We are confronting the most widespread, extensive, global health emergency in at least 100 years. Our economy is staggering like a boxer battered into delirium.

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