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Deck Maintenance Tips for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to clean up the yard and make sure your siding, deck and lawn are ready for the long cold winter months. Have you installed a brand new deck recently? It may look beautiful now, but if it’s not maintained properly, it may start to fade over time.

COVID-19 Offers Surprising Opportunities for Successful Projects

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has created enormous challenges for businesses. COVID-19 has disrupted normal operations and caused business executives and owners to reevaluate operations. No matter how true that is, COVID-19 has provided some businesses, those willing to look beyond the pandemic, surprising opportunities. Under normal conditions the completion of many projects can be very challenging. There are operational disruptions, distractions, resource challenges and the list goes on to make completion difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, many critical projects run the risk of interfering with and disrupting normal operations, enough so that the projects are avoided out of fear of the consequences. Again for some businesses COVID-19 has been the answer for projects they have deferred and the same may be true for your deferred projects as well! This article is about changing perception and looking for the silver lining in COVID-19. What have you not only wanted but needed to do and simply put off out of fear? Pull out those old ideas, look at them again and see if the COVID-19 environment isn’t the ideal set of circumstances you have been seeking!

Different Forms of Underfloor Heating – What You Should Know

Underfloor heating, or “heating under the floor” is one of the most common types of heating systems used in homes today. While this particular type of heating system has been around for decades, it is increasingly used in homes around the world today.

How To Make A Healthy Banana and Flax Seed Smoothie

This a recipe on how to make a quick healthy banana and flax seed smoothie. It only requires four easy ingredients. A really simple healthy drink and no-fuss to make.

How to Treat Yourself to A Me-Time Weekend With Plus Size Sexy Lingerie

Steps on how to treat yourself to a Me Time Weekend with plus size sexy lingerie. It is your time to spend it as you wish, doing what you like or love doing without outside interference.

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