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‘Faith It’ Because Faith Works

It often surprises me the multiplicity of this faith we Christians profess. But it is typical that we do not draw on the full powers that are given to us, because we err on the side of the world’s power.

How Do I Know If I Should Help You or Not?

I have a real problem. If I listen to others, I really don’t know whether I should help you or not. Actually, I do know, but it occasionally gets me into trouble, because at times I have offered to help those that some I know don’t want me to help. For all manner of reason, good reasons and not-so-good reasons, helping sometimes creates problems in my relationships.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Lose Themselves When They Get Into A Relationship?

When two people get together and start a relationship, they can both have their own life. There is going to be how one person likes spend to their life and then there is going to be how the other person likes to spend their life.

Hot Cocoa and A Movie!

Parents, are you creating memories with your children like you’re supposed to be? Or are you too busy running around to be fully present?

Why Does Coffee Make Me Tired? Shouldn’t It Wake Me Up?

It’s true that the caffeine content in coffee should wake you up, our bodies don’t respond in the same ways. Read the article to find out more about the effects of caffeine and coffee.

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