Texas DPS remembers 3 men who died in line of duty

How the Best Brain Exercises Work

The best brain exercises use the skills our ancestors relied on. Socialising. Navigation. Planning. Physical performance. Learn how hypnosis enhances these and more, transforming your brain’s health beyond recognition.

Evaluating Lenin in the Indian Context

Vladimir Lenin has an important place in the 20th century. Unfortunately, his name is associated with more negative qualities than positive qualities. He was an intellectual with a formidable brain and he wrote many books and papers during his time in Russia.

A Benefit of the Raj: The Maid As A Mistress

The Raj is a period in Indian history that will never be obliterated. The Raj is euphuism for British rule and a period that remains an indelible part of Indian history. Unlike the Muslim rule which brought tyranny and suppression of Hindus, the Raj was entirely different.

Learn To Operate Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

The college years give students opportunities to learn and grow while becoming more independent and self-sufficient. It is also a time when young adults find…

Opening Day Battle In Detroit Recalls Unique Slugfest Between Babe Ruth’s Yankees And The Red Sox

Home runs, which were hit in record numbers last year, portend to be even more prominent in 2018. Opening Day featured plenty of the long ball, including three by the same player. Chicago designated hitter Matt Davidson went deep with a trio of home runs in a 14-7 rout against Kansas City, and White Sox teammate Tim Anderson cleared the fence on two occasions in that game.

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