Texas has 90 days to plan changes to foster care mental health access

The “Lock N Load” Billionaires

When word went public that the billionaire, Robert A. Baruger had taken his last breath after a long battle with colon cancer, the news of his death and a long biography of his life was printed in the New York Times and most other American newspapers. Baruger’s immediate family was quickly informed.

How An English King Was Buried Underneath a Parking Lot

The royal tombs of England’s kings and queens are scattered throughout the country’s historic abbeys, churches and cathedrals. The sepulchers of the most notable monarchs are located in Windsor Castle in Berkshire and Westminster Abbey in London. Most tombs of all the monarchs are accounted for, except Richard III, who died in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 from a blow to the head by a heavy axe.

If You Really Want It, Willingness To Do What It Takes Is A Key!

The most powerful ideas reach us “in work clothes” and not looking “powerful” at all, but looking like something we need, though. Right within that sentence is the reality of everything.

Vintage Home Office Inspiration

The vintage beauty of old world carved barn doors, the romance and charm of rustic wood armoires with subtle hues of color seeping through, a vintage home office looks and feels classic. Look at these floral, paisley carved reclaimed wood armoires, hand carved and intricately detailed and you’ll feel the fluid feminine energy or the earthy masculine energy in the brass studded antique doors sitting across the office desk.

15 Action Steps to Battle Through Your Grief

As I struggled and fought through my grief and loss, I kept a diary. THE FOLLOWING EXCERPTS ARE FROM MY DIARY – 15 STEPS WHICH ASSISTED ME TO UNDERSTAND AND CONQUER MY GRIEF. Writing in my diary helped me find new purpose and more peace and joy. They were personalized healing pep-talks to me and also can be for you. Stop grieving and stop healing.

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