Texas Health and Human Services director charged with insurance fraud

Quelling Everyday Anxiety

By far the commonest anxiety is suffered by those who would not be diagnosed with a disorder. The commonest anxiety is caused by the tension of task-and-time pressure that leads to exhaustion.

Why Heirs Should Use Advance Inheritance Funds

Inheritance cash advances provides financial support to heirs entitled to assets found locked until the probate process is over. Assets can consist of real estate, financial holdings, businesses, automobiles, and personal belongings such as jewelry, household items, antiques, art work or vehicles. There are many reasons why a heir would consider loan against inheritance a good solution. Find out the top reasons to select this payment option and skip waiting for probate.

A Case of The “If Onlys”

Turn your back on your “if onlys.” Leave them where they belong, in the past. What is done, is done, and you can’t undo it. What you can do, however, is look to solutions, resolutions and other possibilities, in your present and in your future.

Recognizing the Non-Dual States of Acceptance and Integration

One of the participants in the AAIT Curate Your State program asked me how we know when we have FULLY accepted and integrated an experience. Such a good question. There are some indicators that make it pretty clear that we have lined up with acceptance and integration.

Wanderlust: The Intent Desire To Travel

Wanderlust is about an intense desire and an urge of unrelenting potency which seemingly pulls every thread of reality. It is the unendurable frustration finally pushes you from motion into action and leads to the most life-changing experiences of the future.

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