Texas’ high home prices may mean insurance won’t cover you in a disaster

Money Can’t Buy You Love

As the old adage goes, money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you time with the ones you love when you need it most. We all hope to have a long healthy life with plenty of time with family and friends. Sometimes however, life has different plans and a little planning can ease the financial burden at a time when the last thing you should be thinking about is money. Critical Illness Insurance is one option to account for the unforeseen future.

The Guidance You Seek Is Within You

When I was speaking to Errol Campbell a while back, he ended up talking about how one of his family member used to read tea leaves. When they did this, he said that they would say more or less say the same thing to everyone who had a reading.

When Riddles Couldn’t Riddle Out: Jamie Oliver

Most of us are lucky in the sense that we don’t face any issues with cognition and interactions. Dyslexia is one very interesting yet a very harsh ailment. Just imagine letters dancing while reading a simple sentence, or, the numerical indices getting all jumbled up when you try a hand at calculations.

REVIEW: Seiko Presage SARX017

A review of the Seiko Presage SARX017 watch. In this review, find out why I think this is the best everyday watch no one has ever heard of.

Your Primary Care Physician Could Be Crucial Towards Successful Diabetes Control

This is our courageous combat against chronic diabetes control in an America that represents one in ten people (International Diabetes Federation, 2011) diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes. Blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring, lifestyle and diet choices and diabetes pills are constantly under focus when it comes to controlling diabetes mellitus. Sadly enough, the human side of medicine seems to have receded into the background. In these times, when the medical profession seems to be saturated by specialists, elaborate studies have shown that the primary care physician could be instrumental in achieving better results in diabetes management.

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