Texas is a right-to-work state, but unions can gain strength with labor shortages

Betray Someone – What Happens?

To betray an ideal or a loved one can feel deeply disturbing. There are options in how we choose to respond when we are let down by others.

A Tale Of Love And Darkness by Amos Oz

Amos Oz grew up when the modern state of Israel was being established. He was in Jerusalem when it was under siege conditions. He even met Ben-Gurion. But this memoir is primarily a portrait of a European emigre family establishing itself in a new setting. It charts the author´s life beyond his mother´s death when he was twelve, but also has passages describing the author´s adolescence and early adult years. Anyone who is interested in Jewish culture or history will find much of interest. The general reader will find a superb memoir, with the intricacies of family life beautifully portrayed.

Gainsborough, A Portrait by James Hamilton

Thomas Gainsborough is one of Britain´s best known portrait painters. He also painted landscapes, but only offered them for sale on the back of his portraits of the rich, famous and social climbing. James Hamilton here offers a complete account of the artist´s life, his works and his style. There is much of Britain´s social and economic history as well. This is much more than a biography of one painter. It is an art book about an artist for a general reader.

How to Know You Took on Too Much

Ever wondered about the title topic? Have you taken on too much without being aware of it? This article shows you an example and how you can be wary next time.

How to Stop Imposter Syndrome in Her Tracks and Be More UP Yourself

We’ve all experienced it at some time in our life. Feeling like we’re not good enough, like we’ll be found out or like we’re out of our depth.

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