Texas physicians monitor flu, COVID dual infections after 1st confirmed case

How to Avoid Bird Window Strikes

This past week I was speaking to my parents on the phone and heard a commotion in the background. Apparently, a bird had struck the window and was in a daze. My parents explained that this happens quite often and scares them as well as their parrot who let out the loud shriek I heard when the impact occurred. The mourning dove that struck the window was stunned for a few minutes but eventually flew away. I mentioned this to a friend at work, and he said the same thing happens at his home and that there is usually a bird fatality every few months. So why do birds do this and what can be done?

‘Sell Me This Pen!’ A 2020 Pandemic Story

2020 has been a daunting year for many of us, but we do have a chance to draft a better ending – to step out of this Truman Show and venture beyond the dome where simulation ends and slow dances begin. This is how we find our way home and finally pull our chairs closer, peel up the foot print decals, and refill the theaters and restaurants with the beautiful unmasked faces of humanity.

A Quick Guide on How to Refrigerate Food and Keep It Fresh

When it comes to keeping food fresh, the storage method, the age of the fridge as well as the type of food is what is to be considered. Read along to know more about the right food storage methods.

Getting the Best Text to Speech Software

Speech recognition programs have no limitation to those in the medical field. Having a good quality and reliable performance will help you achieve the best results from your software program. Getting a good, reliable text to speech program helps on our journey for better voice overs with good AI. The software is often used together with medical transcription software or speech recognition software. It is necessary to have good voice overs for our videos, especially when we need conversion and need to make our viewers happy. I have realized that in this day and age, Creating videos without a good voice over will not get any convert, including clicks, leads, traffic, or any other type of sales!.

Can You Mine Bitcoins on Your Smartphone?

Bitcoin is one of the well-known digital currency which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, in the year 2009. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology where there is no middle man like banks, and intermediaries involved. Recently in 2017, the price of the Bitcoin moved up drastically making several people rich who had already invested in Bitcoins.

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