Texas search for escaped killer Gonzalo Lopez enters Day 6; largest concentrated manhunt in decades

Princess Parties

A lot of little girls dream of being a princess, if only for a day. Now’s the time to make those princess dreams come true.

Opinion Is a Privilege, Not a Right

One week teaches us much if we care to reflect and observe. God had this sort of conversation with me recently: “Watch and learn about how your opinion polarises or changes – see how fickle it is – watch and learn about others’ opinions – watch and learn, thirdly, about the ruin opinion brings.”

March 25th Fertility Rituals and the Annunciation

In ancient societies, such as Rome, men died on crosses to marry Mary, they supposedly resurrected 3 days later and it heralded a great festival of sexual pleasure. It was a major part of the Roman culture after it was brought to the region from Babylon, where it originated. There the sun was the Mother God whose name means ‘mother’s powerful eye’.

Forms of Communication for Networking

Learn to network like a pro and build quality relationships. Try these different avenues to communicate with those in your networks.

Legal Assistant’s Corner: I Really Do (Mostly) Love My Job

Legal assistants are notoriously stressed out and we sometimes focus too much on the negative things that rear their head throughout each day – and negative things do happen every day. On the flip side, the majority of us absolutely love what we do and have no desire to do anything else professionally.

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