Texas senators discuss more work-from-home flexibility for state employees

The Tongueless Woman of Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle has a long-standing reputation for ghosts and hauntings. One of the stories associated with this famous Scottish castle is that of a certain ghost who is said to wander around the grounds late at night, frantically pointing to her horribly mutilated mouth. Known as The Tongueless Woman, there is a strange story as to how she received her horrific wounds.

Investment Opportunity Times Two – Or Is It Four

For your long term portfolio health, make sure that you take advantage of correction produced opportunities… this time. It’s been ten years since the last significant market correction, and it just makes sense to use an investment medium that provides the necessary fuel to add to positions at lower prices. The clock is ticking. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping

A God Made for When Grief Strikes

Sitting at the table, alone and shut up in anguish, far beyond the reach that this world’s therapy can supply, where all idols fade, when everything hurts, and nothing helps, with heart wrought, God is sought. That situation of sitting at the table, searching the Scriptures, journalling, bawling, praying, all alone, was such a common experience, I hardly thought of being ‘met’ by God as a comfort.

The WALESAR Technique For Conducting An Open House

In the vast number of instances, real estate agents, use conducting an Open House, as one of their marketing tools, to serve their homeowner – clients. However, if you have attended several of these, conducted by different agents, you probably realize, there is often, a significant difference, in the quality, effectiveness, and impact, dependent on a number of factors. As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, as well as the owner of, both, personal residential property, and rental properties, I strongly believe, one needs to be represented by an agent, who uses these, in the…

Democratic Party: If They Are To Regain Control, They Must Make 1 Of 4 Choices

Most objective observers, realize, we are currently experiencing, a political climate, like we have not witnessed, in recent times! Americans appear to be more divided, and polarized, than usual, and rather, than seeking, common ground, and what might unify, most people appear, unwilling, and not ready, to do so, and fail to even consider, the perceptions, priorities, etc, of those with differing political positions. In the past, people possessed different positions, but still, usually, remained civil, in terms of their inter – personal relationships.

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